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Push!  - Double Fish Flavor (Salmon + Tuna)

Push! - Double Fish Flavor (Salmon + Tuna)

What’s good with Push!?

✓ Easy to feed

✓ Low phosphorus

✓ No artificial glue

✓ No preservatives

✓ Grain Free

✓ High water content


【Nutrition Tips】

❶ Tuna: rich in protein, vitamin B, E and other nutrients, enhance the body's immunity

❷ Salmon: rich in OMEGA-3, maintain the immune system and heart function, also natural fish oil can promote hair health

❸ Turtle Egg Powder: effectively improves appetite, suitable for picky cats

❹ Quail Eggs: improve immunity, a powerful daily nutritional supplement

  • Origin


  • Shelf Life

    24 months

  • Net Weight


  • Storage

    Please put it in a dry place before opening and avoid direct sunlight. After opening, please screw the cap tight and put it in the refrigerator.

  • Feeding Instructions

    After the first feeding, twist the lid and refrigerate. When feeding again, please thaw for 15 minutes, or heat for 3 minutes in water, and consume within 7 days.

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