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Tickless Eco Pet

Tickless Eco Pet

An eco-friendly wearable device using 40kHz low frequency ultrasound to keep fleas and ticks away from your pets.

Chemical-free, 100% safe for pets and owners
Using biodegradable covering & FSC packaging to reduce waste


Study suggested that Tickless reduces or eliminate the chances of ticks and fleas jumping onto pets.


**Caution: device is not water proof.**

  • Color


  • Function

    Emits 40kHz ultrasound that aids in preventing ticks and fleas

  • Battery

    Up to 12 months

  • Product Range

    Diameter 3m

  • Specification

    4 x 2.8 cm / 11.7 g

  • Origin


  • Warranty

    6 Months

    *Does not cover man-made damage. Receipt and packaging box must be present for warranty.

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