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Any purchase of Tickless, Miteless or CODOS at our authorized retailers are warranty-included. Details are as followed:

Tickless & Miteless

Warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase, and does not include any artificial or water damages. Customers must keep the receipt, package, and device intact. If you want to use the warranty, please WhatsApp the photos of receipt and security label of the package to 3528 0300. You may need to mail the device to our office for confirmation. 

​Tickless Pet、Tickless Human、Tickless Baby、Miteless Go:6-month Warranty

​Tickless Mini Dog & Cat:1-year Warranty


保養期為1年,從購買日起計算,保養期不包括人為損壞或裝置進水。客人請保留單據、包裝、盒內保修卡及產品機身。需要保養時,請將單據及盒內保修卡 WhatsApp 至 3528 0300。我們了解詳情後,需要客人親身或寄回產品作核實。

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